Welcome Suntistry.

Dental Tourism is a thing, a real thing that you can do too. With over 200 days of sunshine per year, we are strategically placed in the middle of the blue Mediterranean sea to make your dental procedure that little more comfortable. Just imagine lying on one of Malta’s numerous Blue Flag beaches before and after your appointment to the dentist.


Procedures in Malta cost less than half of those in Mainland Europe. It’s easy to hop onto a quick flight, grab a delicious Mediterranean bite , hit the beach for some tanning in the Sun and get that dental procedure that has been on your mind.

Suntistry offers its clients various packages to suit anyones needs. We are specifically set up to handle a simple cavity filling all the way up to a set of full dentures and everything in between.  With our comprehensive list of well trained specialists we can ensure that we match our clients with a dentist that is specialised in the procedure you require.

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All our dental professionals are fully qualified, accredited with perfect job histories and spotless clinics. Why are our dentists cheaper than in the rest of Europe? Click here to find out more.