Case Study – [Crown]


After the root canal procedure, comes the insertion of a Plastic crown. This Kind of procedure could easily cost approximately 8900 SEK in Sweden (Approximately €900).

Plastic Crown Dental Procedure: €290.00
Flights with Ryanair to/from Malta: €126.98
Airbnb Accommodation with pool: €82.00
Total cost of Dental procedure in Malta €498.98

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Case Study – [Wisdom Tooth Extraction]


Wisdom teeth can give people a lot of grief especially if they are impacted. The approximate costs in Great Britain add up to £750.00c for this procedure.

In Malta the Extraction would cost: €450.00c
Flights to Malta and back to Birmingham: €77.00c
Accommodation: €27.00
Grand Total: €554.00

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[Suntistry] – Dental Tourism


Malta is well known for its blue flag beaches. But a new type of tourism has hit its shores. Dental Tourism. Our Professional dental industry has seen a surge in recent years due to the inflation in the costs involved in Central Europe. Namely, Sweden, Great Britain, France, Netherlands and Germany. Quite a few factors point to the increase in price for dental care around the E.U. member states. With the ease and comfort of Low cost airlines such as Ryan Air and Easy Jet it has become a simple task to search with a broader net to get these expensive dental procedures.