Procedures our Dentists Offer

We provide our customers with a full range of dental procedures. Amongst which are the most common. Other more complex treatments are able to be estimated on a case by case basis.

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  • Simple Check-up.

If you happen to arrive in Malta on holiday and didn’t have a chance to book a check up before arriving then a simple check up, paired with a cleaning would be the best to begin with. From here we would be able to advise you on any other further dental procedures that may or may not be needed.
We highly recommend a checkup before arrival. Some procedures involve multiple bookings and sittings.
Check up plus comprehensive cleaning  €65.00c

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  • Teeth Whitening

We offer full teeth whitening treatment for approximately €650.00c
Should it be required we can offer a top-up home kit, these normally cost €200.00c

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  • Cavity Filling.

As your local dentist will inform you, cavities come in all shapes and forms. If you have multiple cavities, please give us an accurate description of what you were told and we can estimate the cost better.
Simple Cavity filling €50.00c
Complex Cavity filling €95.00c
Tooth Cavity filling Reconstruction €200.00c
Average Cavity filling session €65.00c

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  • Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth Extraction can cost approximately €450.00
Extraction of other teeth cost approximately €100.00

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  • Root Canal.

Root Canal costs on average €450.00c

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  • Crown.

The procedure of affixing a plastic crown costs on average €450.00c.
We always recommend the Metal/Porcelain crowns which cost on average €550.00c
We also offer full Porcelain crowns which can cost approximately €590.00c

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  • 3-part Bridge

3-part bridges usually cost on average €1,200.00c

  • 6-part Bridge

6-part bridge, depending on the complexity may cost approximately €2,100.00c


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  • Full Set of Dentures

The procedure of a full set of dentures which includes both upper and lower cost on average €950.00c

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  • Implants

Implants are complex, invasive procedures. Whilst we are able to offer the service, this requires multiple visits bothe pre-op and post procedure. Not something for those who intend on a short visit. For longer visiting tourists however, it is definitely an option.


Please note, these prices are guide prices. Whist they are realistic, it is possible that the Dentist may find additional damage or decay when performing a procedure. Our clients are advised every step of the way and nothing is done prior to the understanding and consent of our customers. No hidden costs.

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Remember to provide us with an accurate description of what your local dentist advised as this would help us to give you an accurate estimate. Any additional information and X-rays may be sent to us too.