How are Dental Procedures cheaper in Malta?


A number of reasons have specifically suited Malta to be the ideal location for Dental Tourism. For starters, the sun shines in Malta on average two hundred days of the year. This coupled with the mild climate makes Malta an ideal location for a quick break. The multitude of sandy blue flag beaches also help our Dental tourists relax before and after the dental procedures.
Wages in Malta are lower than that of central Europe. Consider that the average junior school teacher working with the government earns €19,000 per annum. A police constable’s starting wage is of €15,000 per annum. A dentist offering his services in Malta must adjust to the wages of his country.


Dental Care has always been expensive in Mainland Europe, but recent years has seen a price hike. This is due to two factors. Private insurance for Dental care and scarcity of Dental practitioners.

In Malta Dental care is paid by the individual and not by insurance companies, this coupled with a healthy amount of practitioners ensures that dental prices remain at a reasonable levels.